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[TMN Exclusive Interview] Talking Music, Performance and Brotherhood with The Bots


The Bots
All I Really Want

With every generation comes a new wave of artists who, while often influenced by their predecessors, push music forward reflecting the collective consciousness of their time. Mikaiah and Anaiah Lei, 21 and 17 respectively, are certainly representatives of this emerging class but, considering how long the duo has been making music as The Bots, they’ve got a solid head start on most of their peers. The LA-bred brothers recorded their first album nearly 6 years ago and have been rocking the festival circuit, starting with appearances on Warped Tour, ever since.

Musically, The Bots brand of rock is certainly a product of some of the great musicians of the past ranging from punk’s roots to contemporary icons in the genre. In fact, they’ve seemingly followed a chronological trajectory of the genre, fusing styles and injecting their unique twist along the way. In mastering the craft of those that came before them, The Bots have truly found their artistic identity and are poised to make an impact with their forthcoming album, Pink Palms, which will be released on October 14th via Fader Label.

We had a chance to catch up with the promising band at this year’s Outside Lands finding the brothers, as we expected, to exude an aura of youthful creativity. Check the conversation below, stream the first single from Pink Palms above and, if you’re digging it, grab the track on iTunes as well.

TMN: When did you first start listening to music and what was the first artist that you really got into?

Mikaiah: Our parents showed us a lot of good oldies and reggae growing up. I was listening to a lot of MTV stuff so that was, at the time, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Avril Lavigne, Green Day

Anaiah: Do you even know a Backstreet Boys album?

Mikaiah: No, but that’s what I listened to!

Anaiah: I liked a lot of Reggae and Punk Rock music.

Mikaiah: Commercial radio and stuff like that was what I was into, but then I grew up. After the punk thing, I was like, okay, this is real cool music. I started weeding through all the other types of music and figuring out what I really liked. As I grew a bit older, I realized I shouldn’t be so worried about what people think if I like Madonna or whatever. I listen to everything now, but back then it was a lot of Reggae and Oldies. When we came to a certain age, our father introduced more 80s hard core. It was a lot of Black Flag. Also, Rock ’n Roll like Ramones and, everything more classic, like Led Zeppelin and ACDC—it was punk and then all the rock bands. That’s when we found out what we really like. We like rock music. Anaiah listens to a bunch of stuff, I listen to a bunch of stuff. We share music and that’s how we keep things interesting in the band itself when writing. Continue reading

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The Black Keys & RZA – The Baddest Man Alive (Video)

“The Baddest Man Alive” gets an action-packed video featuring bluesy indie rockers The Black Keys and hip-hop’s RZA. But it’s not quite like the fights you’d see in the film The Man With The Iron Fists. It involves a fish, fortune cookie, lettuce, and a healthy dose of humor. See how these guys throw it down. The track is also streamable below.

’The Black Keys & RZA – The Baddest Man Alive’

The Man With The Iron Fists comes out November 2nd.

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[HOT] The Black Keys & RZA – The Baddest Man Alive

The soundtrack for the forthcoming Quentin Tarantino film, The Man With The Iron Fists, is shaping up to have quite a few hit-worthy cuts. “The Baddest Man Alive,” which features both The Black Keys and RZA, is one such example. Given the big talent on this track, it’s probably unnecessary for us to convince you to check it out. But just in case, here are two perfect words to describe it: Badass Swag.

’The Black Keys & RZA – The Baddest Man Alive’
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The Black Keys – I Got Mine (Tobacco Remix)

I have been a fan of The Black Keys for awhile now. With their cool but relatable demeanor, infectious garage-punk sound, and their many collaborations with top rapper/producer Danger Mouse, the duo have been on steady replay on playlist. So, when I came across this Tobacco remix to their track “I Got Mine,” I just had to take a listen. Although this remix has remained unreleased for over four years, the Black Moth Super Rainbow member leaked it on the web today for fans to rejoice in the added mix of a bass line and almost psychedelic vibe.

’The Black Keys – I Got Mine (TOBACCO Remix)’
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