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[Rock] Shiny Wet Machine – Stun Gun

Shiny Wet Machine
Stun Gun

First off, f*** yes. Now that we got that out of the way, we get to tell you about something special that is just beginning: Shiny Wet Machine. Comprised of punk’s glitter princess Sizzy Rocket and TheKickdrums, this new venture is something that should not be taken lightly.

Not only are they a new band, but they have a new single, released on Sizzy’s new label Diet Punk. All of this has been launched via “Stun Gun” and it is stunning. From the very start we’re thrown into a guitar riff that is about as catchy as it gets. From their Sizzy jumps in with her sultry voice. “Stun Gun” is straight punk rock; it has that intimate, local feel to it, but this is no garage rock crap. Shiny Wet Machine is all legit and they’re here to let you know that punk isn’t dead. “Stun Gun” is currently available on iTunes if you want to get it for yourself. Before you do, all we can say is: get ready to rock.

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The Kickdrums – Better [TMN Premiere]

The KickDrums

It’s an exciting time to be a fan of The Kickdrums. “Breathe Again” did some major damage on the radio and new music, whether solo or collaborative, has been popping up quite frequently. Today Alex makes us feel even “Better” with a brand new single set to be featured on his new solo effort releasing via 24west Records. This selflessly written tune will inspire those currently fighting for their significant other to take their efforts up a notch. His upcoming solo EP will be accompanied by a limited print 7″ blue vinyl of “Breathe Again,” making it one of the most enticing buys of the summer. The Kickdrums have played recent shows at Webster Hall, The Mint, and Brick & Mortar. Pre-order the new EP here.

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[Hip Hop/Rap] Smoke Screen – Barry Blanco (Produced by The Kickdrums)

Smoke Screen
Barry Blanco (Produced by The Kickdrums)

One of the biggest mistakes people make in hip-hop is underestimating Cleveland. Wedged between Detroit, Chicago, and Pittsburgh’s titanic rap scenes, it’s hard for the average Joe to name a Cleveland rapper not named Chip, MGK, or Kid Cudi. However, the scene is far more expansive than one would normally think and we believe that with all the sports attention on the Rock & Roll Capital Of The World, the music scene will soon follow suit. Here’s hoping Smoke Screen will be the first on the list. Chemist & Mooke have been linking up for years but on their latest effort, “Barry Blanco” it is easy to see why they are finally ready to take the next step in their career. The Kickdrums, another local act that has paved his own path, delivers one hell of a beat for the duo to spit on and their flow is undeniable. Can’t say enough good things about this track.

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[Electronic] The KickDrums – Good As Gold

The KickDrums
Good As Gold

As a band whose foundations lie in hip-hop, The KickDrums have done a phenomenal job of branching out over the last couple of years. They’re really the definition of genre blending, bringing together indie rock influences and hip-hop sensibilities to form a unique, cohesive sound. Today, the group would like us to know that they’re not done experimenting quite yet. Although, Alex Fitts is the only active member of the duo at the moment, he carries the crusade on with this tremendous electronic instrumental. Complete with cascading guitar riffs, and jaunting synths, “Good As Gold” combines all the elements mentioned above into one of the group’s most ambitious efforts yet. The track is available for free download now, and is the first single from the upcoming Inspiration for Conversation EP, coming soon.

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