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[Future R&B] The Loft – Survive

ONMZUSS021: The Loft

Onamazu may be a new name to you, but this is a collective built on expanding into new territories. The latest in their Singles Series is a dark, minimalist tune courtesy of The Loft that is nearly indistinguishable from a Weeknd B-side. We don’t make that comparison lightly, so if you’re a fan of Abel, jump right in and hit play.

The production works well in its simplicity, allowing for the polished vocals to carry the weight of the tune in its chilling and commanding fashion. This is one of Onamazu’s most poignant releases, as the shift from experimental to accessible works heavily in their favor, making┬áThe Loft a stand out within their lineup. Kick back and enjoy your night with the latest from this eclectic group, and be sure to support them in any way you can!

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