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[Future Trap] Slumberjack – The Others (NGHTMRE Remix)

The Others feat. KLP (NGHTMRE Remix)

As most of you already know, NGHTMRE has a pretty huge tendency to go ham on tracks, and if you didn’t already know, this remix of his will make it quite clear. It also should be said that Slumberjack goes hard as well. Those who are familiar with Slumberjack’s original “The Others,” know that the track is pretty insane. But let NGHTMRE put his spin on the track, and it becomes something epic. “The Others” takes on a transformation as the tempo becomes quicker, the bass kicks harder, and the drop contains a more concentrated melody. As always, NGHTMRE exhibits some incredible creativity with production that always puts listeners on the edge of their seats. So crank up the bass, sit back, and get ready for your mind to be blown.

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