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[Indie/Rock] Mesita – Heard You’re Happy

Heard You're Happy

Recorded in Littleton, CO, ‘Heard You’re Happy’ is the lead track on the brand new digital album, The Phoenix, from Mesita. This one grows with intensity and shows off some wicked personality. The extended tune is layered rather well and is a great report of what it feels like when distancing yourself from someone important. As I continue to listen, the more I enjoy the elegant piano keys and stimulating guitar riffs. I’m really looking forward to diving deeper into The PhoenixYou can find the full album on Bandcamp.

Read the below note posted by Mesita on Facebook in anticipation for the December 30th, 2014 release.

This one has been difficult…

Been working on this album for a long time now, and it feels off. Lately, I’ve been in a bit of a bad headspace, and the new songs really reflect that. It’s bitter and it’s negative and not who I am or want to be. So much time and effort’s been put into it, so it needs to be released. But it comes almost as catharsis. “This is what it was, what’s next?”

For 2015, the aim’s to get back into the groove that drove me to make music in the first place. Have a few different things in the pipeline. I’ve had an idea stewing around for a bit, and the time feels right for it. The next album that I’ll begin work on will be a direct sequel, Here’s To Nowhere 2.

Thank you all for sticking around while I get sorted out. I love you all, man. Can’t begin to emphasize that enough.

The Phoenix out Tuesday on mesitamusic.com.

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