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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (December 2015 Round #2)


You know those days you start off with good intentions? You roll out of bed walking on sunshine, ready and willing to face the great day ahead. And then good ol’ life happens. You spill your coffee all over your white shirt, you forget your lunch at home, you get honked at by the road rager behind you, or yelled at by incredibly grouchy people at work. And they just keep rolling along, plowing you down any chance they can get. Pretty soon you want to just curl up in a cave, never to see the outside world again. But then you remember we are here, to remind you “when life gives you lemons, hit play on an Indie Dojo”. We promise it will help get your mind of that other crap for a while.

’Woodlock – Forever Ago’
’Scott Liss
’Odd Souls – Lose My Head – Demo’
’The Weather Machine – Peach’
’The Domestics – It Came To Me’
’Jay Woodward – Blue Sky Blue’
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