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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (July 2015 Round #5)


Inspiration and motivation come and go on a normal basis for most of us. Sometimes we’re in it to win it and sometimes we’d rather sit and waste away for a couple hours or more. But no matter what mood we are in, music seems to fit right in. So no matter if today is the day you are going to conquer the world or let the day just pass you by, let the Indie Dojo accompany your space for a while. You never know what inspirations or motivations might be hidden in one of these gems….

’Dyrisk – Sticks And Stones’
’CRUISR – Throw Shade’
’Theo Berndt – Guess You Never Thought Of It That Way’
’The Legends – Something Left To Die For’
’Al Bairre – Bungalow’
’leo kalyan – golden age’
’Motion Cntrl – IT’S ON YOU’
’Autumn In June – HEROin KIDZ’
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