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[House] Trouze – These Streets (feat. Brandyn Burnette)

These Streets (feat. Brandyn Burnette)

Singaporean production trio Trouze have been working their way up through out the dance world, collaborating with Sam Feldt, and releasing on Armada music, though it hasn’t always been easy, and it’s this journey they share on their latest, “These Streets,” in collaboration with Brandyn Burnette (aka EMAN8). The group shares:

The essence of ‘These Streets’ is about how one’s dreams and life should not be restricted by circumstances’ says Ee ‘Hence the lyrics ‘these streets will never define me’…The streets where one grew up should never constrain or hold you back.’ 

With them a being a first for an Asian act in the dance world, one can understand that looking back on the journey, and where they came from has to be an inspiring.

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