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[Tropical House] MYNGA feat. Cosmo Klein – Back Home (Thomas Jack Remix)

MYNGA feat. Cosmo Klein
Back Home (Thomas Jack Remix)

I’m sure by this time you all have grown familiar with tropical house music, following the revival of house music. Being one of the front runners of the subgenre, Thomas Jack never disappoints, coming out with this remix originally by MYNGA and Cosmo Klein titled “Back Home”. This juicy remix is the epitome of Mr. Jack’s talents and what his music represents. The uplifting guitar riffs and upbeat saxophone melodies steal the spotlight for this track. The clever incorporation of Cosmo Klein’s falsetto vocals into the tune also adds finesse and originality without overdoing it with Thomas Jack’s own elements.

There’s no doubt tropical house is going to be a household sound very soon. It is artists like Thomas Jack who helps set an impeccably high standard for the genre, without losing character in creating unique music for all of us. Stay tuned for more!

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[Deep/Tropical-House] Ben Sollee – Letting Go (Thomas Jack Remix)

Ben Sollee
Letting Go (Thomas Jack Remix)

It’s been a bit since we’ve featured one of our favorite burgeoning artists and one of the leading faces of these laid back Tropical House vibes which have so heavily been permeating dance blogs everywhere, Thomas Jack, and the moment we heard the opening bars of his latest remix we knew our Ninjas had to get on the train as well. Taking form behind a punchy kick-line, stabby violin progression and actual self-recorded waves from the beaches of Tulum, Jack’s revisioning of Ben Sollee strays a bit from what has become his signature tropical sound of modulated pan flutes and airy synths, rather opting for a deeper, longing and almost melancholy atmosphere this time around. Thomas Jack continues to be one of the few electronic artists constantly pushing their sound forward, which is also the reason we’ve found ourselves writing about most everything that emanates from his pristine catalog. It’s hard to imagine the Australian wunderkind will be giving away his music for free for much longer so get on it, grab the free download from his Facebook page, sit back, and let those lush, chilled, housey vibes wash over you.

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[Tropical/Chill/House] Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Thomas Jack Remix)

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Thomas Jack Remix)

We’re not sure what’s in the water Down Under, but a healthy dose of this writer’s favorite electronic music has continuously been drifting out of our favorite island. Thomas Jack, a producer with whom the TMN faithful should by now be readily aware of, has an absurd knack for remolding classic songs into house rhythms as warm as a Hawaiian breeze, and a tune we previously thought to be mostly untouchable from a remix perspective -Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s  beautiful take on “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”- benefits greatly from Jack’s deft electronic comprehension. As with much of his catalog, the groove leans on a pan-flute played melody as its heart, but a fusion of  jazzy instrumentals steeped with deep house undertones have set this one apart from past remixes. Thomas Jack’s take on “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” may be best heard beach side with one of those huge, fruit-bearing tropical drinks in one hand and well… whatever it is needs to be in the other. Grab a free download here.

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[Denver Giveaway] Thomas Jack – NORAD Dance Bar, 11/22

Booka Shake (Original Mix)
Thomas Jack

In just the short year since Thomas Jack debuted his single “The Final Speech”, a track we had the pleasure of premiering, the musically-mature-beyond-his-years producer has been akin to a torrential downpour of success, registering now 8 singles to hold down a coveted #1 spot on the almighty Hype Machine charts. As that signature Thomas Jack tropical house sound has been leaking into the mainstream, it was time the young Australian brought his live show for an American tour, and our collective group of Ninjas have decided to let our Denver family in on the fun too! Thomas Jack’s tour rolls through Denver this Friday, November 22 at NORAD Dance Bar for their weekly HOME Denver party, and we thought this was a great time to give back to you loyal readers with a ticket giveaway. This Friday marks the Colorado debut of Thomas Jack, and likely the last time he will play at such an intimate venue, so do yourself a favor and get your behind over there even if this giveaway doesn’t go your way.

Entering is beyond easy. Just fill out the mailing list form below, “like” the HOME Denver Facebook page here, and we’ll contact you via e-mail. There are a few rules, of course:
– You must be 21 or over to enter.
– You are responsible for transportation.
– You must bring a valid form of ID to pick up your tickets at the door.
– You Must have a solid arsenal of dance moves in your toolbox to display on behalf of TMN

Good luck, ninjas!

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[Tropical-House] Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Atlas Hands (Thomas Jack Remix)

Benjamin Francis Leftwich
Atlas Hands (Thomas Jack Remix)

Thomas Jack continues to hold our attention and simultaneously impress with his unique execution of dance music. After featuring a series of his originals and remixes here on TMN, it is becoming apparent that the 2o year-old Australian is honing in on a sound that has been nothing short of purely infectious; already placing five tracks at #1 on the Hype Machine charts. It appears a little part of his rhythmic and tropical house melodies are crossing over to an insurmountable number of listeners, and his latest remix of Benjamin Francis Leftwich‘s elegant indie-folk ballad “Atlas Hands” again avows a special ability to reshape any genre into a dance floor appropriate cut. Once more, it is a keen sense of classical production combined with the use of orchestral instruments to create a house structure- a pan flute, acoustic guitar and violin in this case – which separates Thomas Jack from most of his young contemporaries. At least for now, before the avalanche of hype behind the young producer becomes too much, all of Thomas Jack’s library has been given away for free and this remix of “Atlas Hands” follows suit. Head on over and pick it up here ninjas, you won’t regret it.

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[House] Thomas Jack – Symphony

Thomas Jack
Symphony (Original Mix)

Sydney, Australia’s 20 year old electronic boy wonder Thomas Jack is once again back with a brand new original “Symphony”, after previously authoring a string of viral remixes for the likes of Of Monsters, Adrian Lux and Men and Men at Work over the last few months. Much like previous single “The Final Speech” Thomas Jack has turned to saxophone player Adrian Symes to lay down a hauntingly sexy hook over a gritty four-to-the-floor kick-clap pattern, and a new display of his deeper side using dark, arpeggiated synth stabs to bridge those elements together. Of course the young talent didn’t skimp on what is becoming a signature staple in his production diet either, with the addition of a well placed pan-flute and another classic vocal, this time from JFK. Thomas Jack is certainly asserting himself as a rising player inside of house communities not just in his home of Australia, but stateside as well, and with a first North American tour kicking into gear tomorrow (see dates below), we thought it was the perfect time to gift you his latest tune as a free download. Grab it above.

Thomas Jack U.S. Tour Dates:

Oct. 31: Potsdam, NY – Clarkson University
Nov. 9: Gainesville, FL – Simon’s
Nov. 15: Los Angeles, CA – LURE
Nov. 22: Denver, CO – Norad Dance Bar
Nov. 23: Baltimore, MD – 8×10
Dec. 7: Boston, MA – 49 Social

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[Chill-House] Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks (Thomas Jack Remix)

Little Talks (Thomas Jack Remix)
Of Monsters and Men

20 year-old house wunderkind Thomas Jack has been blessed with the King Midas touch as of late (speaking of course in terms of production), spawning four #1 stints upon the Hype Machine charts within only two months, and his latest remix effort will surely follow suit. The native of Sydney, Australia has taken indie-folk superstars Of Monsters and Men’s uber-successful single “Little Talks” and flipped it into a surprisingly workable, tropical house rhythm. Never once when perusing through the original did we dream of taking Of Monsters and Men to the dance hall, but once again Thomas Jack has sprinkled some more of that Down Under fairy dust all over the tune and fostered another chilled out, but vibrant and catchy piece of dance music. Once again, all it takes is a Facebook like to take this one home, so be sure to hop on it.

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