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[New Release]Deadmau5 – For Lack Of A Better Name


I got an email yesterday from someone asking me if I knew any good progressive/house dj’s out there and only one came to mind. I have been waiting to talk about Deadmau5 for a while now as I see him as one of the most influencial, original and energetic performer in todays house scenes. Classifying him into one category of trance music is considered impossible by most. As our friends from uhohdisco.com describes it, “How many other artists can say they’ve spun hipster events like Hard, raver events like Monster Massive, and (soon to be) pure techno events like the Belgian, I love Techno?” Only 1; Deadmau5

His latest party mixes can be found on his compilation album ‘For Lack Of A Better Name’ released this month. You can buy it and also stream it off his website.

It may be hard to classify his music, but when it comes to describing his remixes, it becomes a breeze; Simply mindblowing. He is one of the few artists who I actually follow on their blog just waiting for the next mix. Although, he has ranted on his blog about people uploading low-quality/rip versions, I hope he can find in him to forgive us all as his music is just too good to keep it to ourselves. If you enjoy progressive trance, Deadmau5 is for you. Cannot wait to see him at HOB Orlando November 12th.

Here are some of his original as well as remixed versions of his works.


[Deleted by Request] Ghosts n Stuff (feat rob swire)

’ghosts n stuff feat rob swire – deadmau5.mp3′

[Deleted by Request] Deadmau5 and Kaskade – I Remember

’deadmau5 and kaskade – i remember.mp3′

[Deleted by Request] Strobe


[Deleted by Request] Deadmau5 – I Remember (Caspa Remix)

’Deadmau5 – I Remember Caspa Remix.mp3′

[Deleted by Request] FML

’01 FML.mp3′
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Random Music Friday

RANDOM GOODNESS! Different genres, different time frames,from calming Jazz that is perfect for this rainy day here in Orlando, Florida to right out of the oven remixes from Doorly that will get you ready to party this weekend. It has been a very busy Friday so I was not able to write a short description about each song, but I will be updating this post soon.

Kate Monson bring her beautiful smokey jazz vocals from Austin, Texas right into her new album “Taped to the Sky”. If you enjoy this song as much as I do you should also check out her song “Lucky”
Kat Edmonson – Just One Of Those Things

’Just One Of Those Things’


Alternative Rock
Courtenay Green is an LA artist who has been performing regularly in Southern California for the past year. Her first EP, Mixed Message, was released in late 2008 and she will be releasing her new song, DEVIL IN THE DETAILS, on July 16th. DEVIL is a slight departure from the songs on her first EP, and demonstrate some of the new musical ground she will be covering on her next studio production (to be released this fall).
Courtenay Green – Devil In the Details

’Devil in the Details’


King Of Prussia – Misadventures Of The Campaign Kids

’Misadventures Of The Campaign Kids’

Sondre Lerche – My hands are shaking

’My hands are shaking’

Fresh Remix
Basement Jaxx – Raindrops (Doorly’s Under New Management Remix)

’Raindrops (Doorly’s Under New Management Remix)’


Old Mix
Hectic – Dangerous Group

’Hectic – Dangerous Group’
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A Trance Quickie: Bloc Party – Signs (Armand Van Helden Remix)

Bloc Party – Signs (Armand Van Helden Remix) (video here)

”Signs (Armand Van Helden Remix)”
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Techno Remix: Little Boots – Stuck on Repeat (Fake Blood Remix)


Victoria Hesketh (shown above), is a British electronica musician known professionally as Little Boots or as a former member of Dead Disco. “Stuck on Repeat” was released march of 2008 to be masterfully remixed by Fake Blood – I recently talked about one of this songs Mars. Make sure you check out Fake Bloods myspace and keep an eye for Little Bloods new album coming up in June 8th titled “hands” Give it time to start, it gets a lot better after the intro. Enjoy the remix!

Stuck on Repeat (Fake Blood Remix)

via [beemp3.com]

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Trance Songs of March 2009


From the trance you love to dance to at House of Blues Sunday Nights, to relaxing trance you can chill and just have fun. Here is a list (not completed) of Trance/Techno songs for March 2009

Starskee – My Way (Le Defi Remix)

”My Way (Le Defi Remix)”

Guru Josh Project – Infinity 2008

”Infinity 2008″

Fake Blood – Mars


Cidinho & Doca – Rap Das Armas (Lucana Club Mix)

”Rap Das Armas (Lucana Club Mix)”


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