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[Future/Trap] SKULS – Transient EP

The Transient EP was delivered with a message of more to come. This can only excite you, as SKULS have been one of the most tantalizing underground acts of the past few years, although their Soundcloud only provides two years worth of their work. Let’s not get bogged down in a history lesson, because we’re here to talk about their new freely released EP.

Transient is made up of two quality originals that share the duo’s unique style that emulates a futuristic trap sound. The EP’s first single “Blok” is an angelic single whose light mood is coupled with subtle, hard hip-hop undertones. With “Knuckles” we get an even more laid-back tune that’s a bit less dance-driven than the previous single. SKULS have always been creative, border-breaking producers, and this EP teases fans with that fact, along with what’s to come. We hear another EP is in store; stay tuned and find out!

’SKULS – Blok’
’SKULS – Knuckles’
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