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[Future Bass] Brooks Brown – trip (ft. Madi)

brooks brown
trip (ft. madi)

The future of music is in the younger creators. Two musicians who are going to play large roles in the future are Brooks Brown and Madi who have teamed up again for another amazing record. I had the pleasure of spending some time with Madi this past weekend, and I can assure you she has a boat load of stuff coming. The same can be said for Brooks, but for now let’s focus on what they just brought to us: “trip.” The duet single is just magnificent, and the production value on this original is better than some veteran producers, and these kids can’t even go buy alcohol yet. Future bass has been the go to for a lot of producers, but Brooks has been serving the genre like no other. He’s really taken to the sounds, and forged his own sound within the sub-genre. Brooks and Madi really take you on a journey with this one, which is probably where they came up with the name. Without further adieu, take a “trip.”

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