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[Fresh/Experimental] Ratatat Releases LP4 June 4th + New Tracks

ratatat lp4 review.jpg
Ratatat – DRUGS

’02 DRUGS.mp3′

Prepare yourself because on June 8th, New York City electro due, Ratatat will finally be releasing their full-lenth LP4. They recorded the album at the same Old Soul Studios in Catskill, N.Y., where, as Paste describes it, is where they found the wealth of old synths, harpsichords, grand pianos, and other keyboard instruments evident throughout the last effort.

Ratatat – Grape Juicy City

The duo consisting of guitarist Mike Stroud and synthesizer, bass player, and producer Evan Mast, were my first introduction to the experimental genre with their synthesized /electronic/ experimental/ trip/hop style. They are able to produce multi-instrumental beats that are not only non-intrusive but incredibly organic. No matter how synthesized some of the melodies may appear, their music stays grounded to a genuine acoustic feel that makes the entire experience feel very natural. Ratatat caters to everyone, using enough rhythmic bass lines to please hip/hop fans of the like of Kid Cudi, while still creating provocative and melodic psychedelic guitar solos for the hardcore experimental junkies.

Ratatat – BARE FEAST
Ratatat – MAHALO

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