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How to make a trippy beat? add TURBO P


At this point in the music industry/promotion, where almost everything is started through the internet, it is important for artists that want to make a name for themselves to be as accessible possible. A great example of this happened yesterday. I was on thesixtyone looking at what other people have been listening to and I came across the magnificent beats of Turbo P. Failing at looking through his myspace for a link to where to download his music, I signed on AIM and typed in his AIM (trillassbutts) listed on his sixtyone.com profile and sure enough he was online and ready to start a conversation.

Turns out his a talented young producer from Roanoke, Virginia that just recently turned 22 years old this week – Happy Birthday! Haha I am glad he took the time to chat and send us some of his songs to share. First I want to start out with the song titled “PBT”. I usually like to be more descriptive but this song is just so freaking radical! He manages to stretch, squeeze transform and at one point, almost completely obliterate an electronic beat to its very limits. All the frequency stretching, synthetic rhythms, mesmerizing melodies, electronic thumbs and the voice over loop spelling P-B-T make it a very psychedelic electronic piece. Another song I have included in this post is titled “Kittens” that I found equally as epic. Give it a minute





Not a big fan of all the frequency stretching mayhem? Not a problem. Turbo P has started on a project called “Cinemax” that tunes the electronic down a bit while increasing in harmony and throwing some pop into the mix. With soothing vocals and much cleaner melodies, Cinemax also looks very promising. My favorite song from his Cinemax project is titled “Smudge”, a lovely pop tune with an electronic foundation.

Turbo P – cinemax – smudge


As of right now, Turbo P does not have anything ready for release just yet but if you want to buy/download his songs you can get them through his profile on thesixtyone.com or check out his myspace myspace to stream his latest work.

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