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[Music Video] Gallo – Truth or Dare

Gallo is coming in hot with yet another stunning release. Another great video accompanies an equally great song with “Truth or Dare” coming in as the sophomore single. This shares a similar wild vibe with the first project, but tones things down a tiny bit to fit a different vibe.

“Truth or Dare” has a retro element to it, both in the song and video. It’s something that’s not easy to pull off, but Gallo does so with talent and precision, not missing a beat anywhere. She seems to be creating her own universe in everything she does, which is something that we’ll continue to see grow as time progresses. Gallo’s not just an impressive artist, but she’s a true creator bringing much more to the table than even your above average musician.

“I wrote “Truth or Dare” about relationships that you know are never gonna go anywhere but in that “failure” was exactly what you might’ve wanted and seemed more of a success to you. It’s a topic my girlfriend’s and I always discuss. You tend to see guys wanting more casual relationships without any definition but when you see a girl wanting that it’s thought of much differently and that just got me thinking. That’s the train of thought I was on when writing this song. It’s not about being a tease but feeling empowered with the understanding that there’s no shame in giving into someone intensely just for a few moments and not feeling lessened by it.”
– Gallo

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