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Hydraulix & Hekler – Get Buck [TMN Premiere]

Hyrdaulix and Hekler are turning up the heat in the dojo. They want everyone to “Get Buck” and their brand new single will do the trick. As you may imagine with these two together we get a whole lot of riveting low frequencies to rage to in this premiere.

“Get Buck” is a hybrid bass original released through Twonk. Many dubstep/trap singles nowadays just focus on pure energy and getting the crowd to get as hyped as they can, but here we get the energy mixed with enough groove to keep you dancing all night long. Together Hydraulix and Hekler delivered a smash hit that we’ll be getting buck to for the rest of the year. Want a copy? Get yours today.

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Brillz Enters The Dojo To Enlighten Us With Twonk & His History [TMN Interview]

Brillz Press

’Brillz & LAXX – WTPA (feat. Ms Williams)’

Brillz has led his Twonk revolution as something that is more than just music. The out of this world lifestyle is something that fans have gravitated towards since its very conception. Now, Brillz is not only a leader in music but also in fashion and vaporizers with his unique Twonk Juice company. When Brillz gets into something, he goes balls-to-the-wall, which is why he’s been able to diversify his brand so well and see success in separate fields.

Recently, Brillz visited the dojo to give us a lesson on Twonk, talk a little about his history, and share what’s to come. Although he is wrapping up his Twonk Di Nation tour, Brillz had some extra time for some bonus questions. If you missed him on his tour, don’t worry – he has plans to get around throughout the rest of the year. You can also expect some more tunes to come out, but before we get a head of ourselves, let’s dive in to what Brillz had to say to us ninjas in the dojo.

TMN: What was the first instrument you picked up?

Brillz: A keyboard, it was a cheap garage sale Casio.

TMN: What was it like playing in bands prior to producing?

I miss it. It’s a lot more of a release, emotional and physical. I don’t really get that from producing, until it’s time to go on tour and perform.

TMN: What made you want to transition to a solo act, and why electronic music?

Brillz: I want to control my own destiny and create my own music on my own terms.
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