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[Chill] Childish Gambino – U Don’t Have To Call (67th Hour Remix)

Childish Gambino
U Don't Have To Call (67th Hour Remix)

There’s usually always a part of the week where you need to clear your head. No matter what you’ve got going on, a short reset is a necessity and then you can jump right back into your groove. We’ve got a nice way to enjoy your break right here thanks to a master of chilled out house, 67th Hours. About a week ago (week ago), he comforted our ears with a blissful edition of “U Don’t Have To Call” by Chilidish Gambino, and it is the perfect recipe for a mid week lull. With a subtle tropical atmosphere, the tune is simple in nature with minimal percussion, but is comforting to our ears and even tugs on the heartstrings a little bit. The filtered guitar and vocals are dreamlike, and, being the focus of the track, really bring the tune together. Grab your copy through his Facebook and find some peace.

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[R&B] Usher – Go Missin’ (Prod. Diplo)

What would Valentine’s Day be without a little Usher? A year after the release of “Climax,” Diplo and Usher Raymond try to replicate that same success with another soft, seductive new single. “Go Missin” isn’t quite as heart wrenching as the duo’s last collaboration, opting for a more upbeat, yet still subtle tone. After a few listens, it’s pretty easy to see these two have another hit on their hands. There’s no indication whether this will be on Usher’s next album, but if you’re digging this new track from Usher, make sure to grab the free download below.

’Usher – Go Missin (Prod. Diplo)’
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Usher – Climax (Dave Sitek Remix)

The already infectious and catchy Diplo produced and Usher performed “Climax” has been remixed thanks to┬áTVOTR member Dave Sitek, whose already worked with acts from MF DOOM to Norah Jones. The mix has Usher sound a little off from the colder and futuristic twist of the beat but still is an interesting take on the “break-up” song. Coupled with synths, a heavy bassline, horns, and a random drum melody, Sitek manages to keep the same desperation in the R&B crooner’s voice in contrast to the chilling Weeknd-esque beat.

’USHER – Climax (dave sitek remix)’
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Artists gather for Tribute song to the King

The Game ft. Chris Brown, Diddy, Polow Da Don, Mario Winans, Usher, Boyz II Men gather to show Tribute to the one and only King of Pop. Although he left his body behind, Michael Jackson will remain living through us.

Better On The Other_Side (Tribute to MJ)
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”Better on the Other Side”
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