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[Electronic] Moon Boots – Utopia Feat. Janelle Kroll

Moon Boots
Utopia feat. Janelle Kroll

Moon Boots goes a bit tropical with his new single “Utopia” featuring¬†Janelle Kroll. The American act’s zero gravity style takes a melodic route down a soft, radio-friendly path. Moon Boots paints a minimal soundscape that Janelle’s voice takes over for a magnificent musical package. They’re a match made in heaven, which had to be the case given the name of the record. They truly build a musical utopia that listeners can bask in as long as they’d like, all for free too. Despite it’s tropical influences, it’s not some straight up Kygo stuff, Moon Boots creates his own niche sound that is a chill paradise. Moon Boots continues to impress, and look out for the producer to keep it up through the end of the year, and onto the next.

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