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[Event] WAKAAN ROCKS II: LIQUID STRANGER Presents TRINITY Ft. EazyBaked, G-REX B2B Sully, & More

Step into the world of ‘WAKAAN Rocks II’ on April 13th, where the focus shifts from the artist to the beats themselves. This isn’t just a sequel to last year’s hit event; it’s a whole new experience, shaped by Liquid Stranger’s innovative “TRINITY” concept. This night is all about immersing yourself in a sea of sounds, each set offering a unique vibe and rhythm that promises to keep you moving.

The “TRINITY” concept breaks the evening into three distinct musical experiences. First, the downtempo set envelops you in a chill, ambient embrace, setting the tone with its mellow and introspective beats. Then, the throwback set takes you on a nostalgic ride, blending familiar rhythms with a fresh twist. The climax of the night is the banger set – this is where the energy skyrockets, and the beats become an irresistible force, compelling everyone to dance.




While Liquid Stranger is the maestro behind this symphony of sound, the event also features a lineup of talented artists like Eazybaked, G-Rex B2B Sully, and Shanghai Doom B2B Sharlitz Web, each adding their own musical color to the evening. The beats are the real stars here, each one a character in this night-long narrative.

‘WAKAAN Rocks II’ is more than a concert; it’s a celebration of rhythm and sound, a night where the music takes center stage and everything else fades away. So, get your tickets, let loose, and prepare to be swept away by a wave of beats that promises to leave you energized and exhilarated.

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