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[Folk] Wake! Owl- Gold

Wake! Owl is a relatively new folk project lead by vocalist Colyn Cameron. Their debut EP was recorded with Dave Meszaros at Watershed Studios in Vancouver, BC over the course of August and September 2011. The band invited musicians, mostly friends, to come play parts on the songs and help fill them out with true folk glory. After releasing the EP on Bandcamp digitally on November 10th 2011 and the word started to spread. The EP had 500 downloads in the first two months, and the numbers continue to climb.

The single from the EP “Gold” is a good example of the overall sound of the release- embracing the term “folk rock” to its core. The guitars are acoustic and passionate, the percussion is simple but on point, and the vocal parts glue the whole thing together. When the song picks up, it truly is “gold”

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