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Faulkner – Waters Are A Rising [TMN Premiere]

Everyone knows the phrase, “snitches get stitches.” The bi-coastal band Faulkner has taken that phrase to heart for the creation of their latest song “Waters Are A Rising” that the ninjas premiere to you. The retributive single takes the best rock sounds from the past few decades and puts them into one single creation. The verses and chorus juxtapose each other incredibly well, and then Faulkner changes things up again with the refrain in the second half of the song that leads to a climactic finish.

There’s a real push and pull with this record that makes it a great listen. You won’t simply be listening to the song; rather, you will feel engaged with it. That’s when you know you have something special. “Waters Are A Rising” is the second single off Faulkner’s upcoming EP Revanchist. You get full peak of the track early, however you will have to wait until March 11th to own it thanks to Street Invasion Records. In conclusion, we will leave you with a little fun fact about this record: RZA was one of the producers.

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