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We Are Castor – Conduire [TMN Premiere]

We Are Castor

Tomorrow We Are Castor will be releasing their massive twenty track LP, DOEP. A day early we get to give you an exclusive listen to something we’re super hyped on. “Conduire” is one of the Norwegian band’s most genre confused records and that’s just why we’re so in love with it.

From the start, you’re not really sure what you’re going to get. At first it feels a bit psychedelic, then it moves to a bluesy rock instrumental. At it’s heart that’s what “Conduire” is, but that doesn’t mean We Are Castor doesn’t throw in their own wacky mix of sounds to spice things up. From beginning to end We Are Castor has you hyper-engaged with the musical picture they’ve painted. Enjoy your exclusive first listen today and check back on the web tomorrow for the full LP.

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