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[Electro] Downlowd – Well Connected

Well Connected

Get ready for some good ol’ electro. Downlowd has come out of hiding and ended his hiatus to deliver his single “Well Connected” to the world. His new story begins and the first tale is here in full, out now on all digital platforms.

“Well Connected” is a a cerebral electro heater. It starts out with an intriguing vocal monologue that is a bit satirical with its content. After the rather unique introduction Downlowd bursts us into a bustling beat characterized by the almighty bassline. His is dirty in the classic sense – not overly compressed and gritty like much of the dubstep of today whose sound design has permeated house music. What makes this track so exceptional though is that it grows from beginning to end. Downlowd didn’t simply copy and paste, then add a few simple things to the latter half. He truly delivered on an in-depth record.

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