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[Indie Dance] Bobby Green – Lights (feat. Whitney Phillips)

Bobby Green
Lights (feat. Whitney Phillips)

Bobby Green is back with another magical original, this time featuring vocalist Whitney Phillips. Their work together on “Lights” resulted in a bright indie-dance single that has a strong tropical vale held over it. People have quickly fallen in love with this track, as we have. There’s just something pure and liberating about the composition with its bashfully exuberant melodies. “Lights” has potential to be played out hard on the radio, as it is one of those records that both lovers of electronic music and pop enthusiasts can get behind.

Hypem has been friendly to Bobby, as he has had a few charting songs. Don’t be surprised if you see “Lights” climb to the top. Besides it being a solid record, the message behind it is one that everyone can get behind. Bobby describes it as “about the disconnection we all feel, and about the great things that can happen when we open up and show the world who we are.” Robbins Entertainment released this track for purchase, so iTunes has you covered if you want a copy.

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