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[Electronic] French Braids – Wildfire (feat. Frankmusik)

French Braids
Wildfire (feat. Frankmusik)

Let’s heat things up with “Wildfire” from French Braids and Frankmusik. The Canadian producer just dropped his first original single and it’s just as hot as you would imagine.

French Braids has released a handful of remixes in the past and even though he’s made them his own, we haven’t seen him fully shine on his own yet. Frankmusik helped take “Wildfire” to the next level, but French Braid really nailed it with this one. The electro pop sound is highly accessible to multiple crowds, giving French Braid the opportunity to make some major moves quickly. With enough time this producer will be a go-to for the more tropical, poppy side of dance music.

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[Electronic] Meeka Kates – Wildfire

Meeka Kates

The European imprint Boogie Angst is back with another amazing release, this time from Meeka Kates. The Netherland’s creator brings his single “Wildfire” to the table, and you better believe it’s a hot one.

Meeka Kates fits with Boogie Angst perfectly, as each party shares the same love of cool, laidback electronic music. With “Wildfire” we get a fun house record that takes from both pop and R&B. This single is not just a simple song either, as it signifies the coming of a debut EP from Meeka, which will be entitled just as this song is, Wildfire. Although this is the only song on his Soundcloud, the full EP is available for purchase currently. On that EP, you will find two other originals, as well as a remix. “Wildfire” as a single should get you interested, as this one is catchy as can be. If you’re not singing it by the end of the week, you’re just not having a good week. This is as good as it gets!

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