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[Electronic] Phiilo – Without You

Without You

Denver is one of the best places to be for electronic music. Talented acts thrive there, whether they were born in the area or flocked to it. Phiilo is one of those talented acts, and we assure you they are talented. Another talented group of individuals are the people over at Uprise Music who backed Phiilo’s latest single “Without You” for release this week.

“Without You” is as dynamic as it is beautiful. From the vocals to every little note you can hear, Phiilo put their best foot forward in every direction they took. It’s got pop sensibilities, but no matter what sound you hear, the song never can really be identified as being one thing. Some may say future, some may say it’s on the lighter side of trap. They can argue, we will simply sit back and enjoy this wonderful piece of music. We hope you do too. Did we also mention it’s a free download?

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