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[House] Wolfgang Gartner – Freak

Wolfgang Gartner is having quite the year so far. The legend already has tastefully collaborated with some top prodigious talents in Jaykode and k?d, but now has added another original to the catalog with “Freak.”

If you have a Summer hits playlist, then this is going straight to the top of it. Wolfgang shifts a tad from his electro house style to lighten things up with some more mainstream sound. Now, a lot of time that doesn’t pan out creatively for some, Gartner’s got the skills to pay the bills. “Freak” is a fun filled jam that you can’t help but to love. It may not be our favorite track from the master, but he surely entertained us with yet another hit.

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[Electro House] Wolfgang Gartner & JayKode – The Upside Down

Everything that has to do with “The Upside Down” is on point. From its creators – a mega collaboration between Wolfgang Gartner and Jaykode – to the song itself to the artwork; everything comes together in a nice ravaging package.

“The Upside Down” implores some throwback electro house characteristics while each artist playfully infuses their own sentiments in the mix. From the start it’s a big record and it only grows as it develops in time. There’s a little surprise, you’ll have to just hear it though. Play it all the way and more than once – this one is fire through and through.

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[Electro-House] Wolfgang Gartner: Casual Encounters Of The 3rd Kind

“Girl On Girl” or “Girl On Guy”, which do you prefer? I’m obsessed with the sound design hes been showing off in these new releases. Starting with “Girl On Girl”, it features an infectious melody surrounded by piercing synths that have been bouncing around in my head since the first listen. Wolfgang throws in some amazing lazer infused bleeps and swirling sirens to add to craziness. “Girl On Boy” showcases a similar style starting with some flawless chords. Accompanied by that insane siren, then dropping into classic funkified Wolfgang filth. Both of these will be on the, Casual Encounters Of The 3rd Kind EP, thanks for the tease Wolfgang. Cheers.

’Wolfgang Gartner – Girl On Girl (TEASER)’
’Wolfgang Gartner – Girl On Boy (TEASER)’
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