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[Event Preview] WOLV & Kannibalen Team Up For Huge ADE Show

ADE is a monumental time for the dance music industry. The conference is a place where legendary artists, managers, journalists and other officials come together to discuss and share their ideas, music and technology. It’s home to a whopping number of events, but one in particular sticks out to us this year. On October 19th, WOLV Records and Kannibalen Records are hosting a show that will be one for the record books.

Both labels are pillars in the bass community. WOLV by Dyro and Kannibalen by Black Tiger Sex Machine, are the perfect match for a show of this style and magnitude. There are plenty of places to rage at ADE, but this is the mecca. If you call yourself a basshead and you’re at ADE, but miss out on this one, are you really a basshead? Don’t worry though, the event won’t break your budget or anything. Only thing you may need to worry about breaking is your neck from headbanging too hard. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

In honor of the event, we gathered in the dojo to put together a playlist surrounding the show’s lineup. Artists on the billing include Dyro, Apashe, Loopers, Lektrique, Goja and a special guest. As much as we’d love to tell you who it is, you’ll have to be there to see. For more information regarding tickets, head over to the show’s ticket page.

’LOOPERS – Roll Up’
’Apashe x RIOT – Fire Inside’
’Dyro – Surrenda (Feat. Le Prince)’
’Lektrique – Dark Matter Ft. Panther’
’Goja – Mosh Pit’
’Loopers – Going In’
’Apashe – Tank Girls Feat. Zitaa’
’Dyro – Artifact’
’Lektrique x aUtOdiDakT – Shots Fired’
’Goja – The Ballad’
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[Moombahcore] Goja – The Ballad

The Ballad

Awwwww, moombahcore; it’s been a while since I’ve whipped that term out. Thanks to Goja and their single “The Ballad” it was possible. Released on WOLV Records, “The Ballad” is a bass booming midtempo record that features the vocalist Chantelle Paige.

Goja has quickly become a go-to act in the bass music scene. Their past few releases with WOLV Records have been absolutely killer, and they have even more dope tracks beyond that. With “The Ballad” we get a tantalizing original that first lures you in subtly, then drives some heavy low frequencies into your ears and body. The groovy rhythms in the bassline are not only strong, but they are catchy. With school just starting for many of you, “The Ballad” is what is going to be popping into your head when you are spacing out in class. Then once you’re done, you’ll be playing it in your spare time, especially if you are partying during leisure hours. Stream “The Ballad” today, and if you want a copy, several digital stores can oblige.

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[Electro] Loopers – Roll Up

Roll Up

If you like electro house, then you need to know Loopers. There’s no way around it. Despite the fact that he is an up and coming producer, his talents outshine where his fanbase is at. If you’re not a fan already, after hearing his new single “Roll Up” you will be.

“Roll Up” comes to us through WOLV Records, which has been supporting Loopers for around a year now. Not only does Loopers put out insane records, but he continues to hone is skills and his sound as time moves forward. Summer time is all about raging, festivals and getting your party on; which is just the atmosphere that his tracks thrive in. Take “Roll Up,” with its unwavering fervor. Even when the the song’s full force isn’t engaged, it’s still dance-able. One thing that always sticks out to us with Loopers is his sound design, and he really took it next level with “Roll Up.” This Summer has had plenty of party tracks, but this is THE one. Stream it today, or head to a digital store to get a copy.

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[Hybrid/Trap] Goja – Mosh Pit

Mosh Pit

WOLV Records is quickly becoming a go-to place for great music. Dyro’s imprint is just over a year old, but its catalog is already stocked with tons of goodies, and that list continues to grow. Their latest release was a single called “Mosh Pit” by the Italian duo Goja.

With festival season underway, mosh pits are in abundance, so Goja’s single has come just at the right time. Its sound borders between dubstep and trap, bringing together elements of both into one festival crushing production. There’s a certain groove to it that head-banging bass lovers will appreciate to their core. Although its name would imply over-the-top energy, the song’s tone isn’t as provocative as you might think, but because this song’s sound design and groove are top quality you don’t really mind. Mosh pits are still going to form around this jam, and parties will be taken up a notch. Goja really put together a solid single with this one, which is why we went ahead and bought it. We’re thinking you are going to do the same.

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[Dubstep] Sam Lamar – Belial

Sam Lamar

Dubstep never died, but it certainly wasn’t as hype as it once was. If you’ve been checking out the bass scene lately, you know it’s making a comeback. Here to add to the lot of new records fitting that sound is Sam Lamar, whose new single “Belial” was released on WOLV Records.

Sam brings those deep guttural growls that every bass lover desires. Before we get to the heavy bass though, Sam put together an uplifting introduction that really sets the tone perfect before the drop. With the juxtaposing sounds, once the bass comes in it’s augmented. “Belial” reminds me of some of the best records from great producers like Spag Heddy and EH!DE who have been pushing the genre, in particular this style, for years. Sam Lamar shows he’s someone who can play with the big dogs. This is his first song, so that has us pretty excited for the future. “Belial” is now available for purchase on Beatport, so if you like it, we suggest you grab it and stay tuned for what this Montreal producer has coming next.

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Loopers – Going In [TMN Premiere]

Going In [Out now]

Dyro’s imprint WOLV Records just got their hands on one hell of a record from Amsterdam producer Loopers. “Going In” is the track we are referring to you, and we have the pleasure of premiering it to you. Loopers isn’t new to the label, but this may be his best track yet with them.

“Going In” just oozes attitude from the very beginning. It has an undeniable energy that penetrates the listener from start to finish with phrases of pure intensity after the drops hit. The sound design is something that makes this song next level, and the sequencing of the sounds makes it even better. Dirty bass within fierce rhythms is a recipe for a dance floor destroyer, which is just what “Going In” is. Prepare for the upcoming festival circuits to be ravaged by this single. It takes the best of electro and future house and mashes them into one filthy record. “Going In” is currently available on digital stores, which you can run through here.

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[Electro House] Dyro – Like A Boss

Like A Boss [Out now]

WOLV Records brought the heat straight from the studio of its label head Dyro with “Like A Boss.” Dyro, who’s currently at ADE, has had some killer records in the past, but this one especially blows us away. The bass house phase that electro is going through is turning up some quality records, but Dyro takes his own path to bring forth something that has a little extra oomph and style behind it. “Like A Boss” is more than a burst of energy; it’s an all out barrage of aggressive bass samples that will stop at nothing until you are dancing your ass off. He surprised us with this one, but we’re glad he did. After a little delay, the song was finally released, so it is currently available on Beatport for those of you who want to toss it on your digital devices.

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