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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 231)

There’s a certain feeling we get when Friday comes around. It’s a mix of relief with the overbearing urge to go out and let loose. Even if you like to keep things low-key, you still do what you need to do to rid yourself of the week long worries. We do our best to help, which is why we come together every Friday to bring you some of our favorite free downloads. You can save your money for drinks and not have to buy any of these songs. A ton of great music came out from some of our favorite creators including Rad Cat, Luca Lush, LAXX, Arius, Kandy, Woolymammoth and many more. Stream all fourteen and download the ones you want. Most importantly, do us and yourself a favor and #danceirresponsibly.

’surfclub – snapchat (rad cat remix)’
’Ducky & Jessica Audiffred – Whats Good (FREE DOWNLOAD FOR 1 WEEK)’
’LAXX – Noise’
’Sam Lamar & CYMN – Free Your Mind’
’XYLØ – Dead End Love (Vasta & N2N Remix)’
’PhilZen – Breathe’
’Fista Cuffs – Novel’
’Scissors, Suni – Touch My Body (Original Mix)’
’LUMBERJVCK – LITM feat. Kat Nestel (Arius Remix)’
’KANDY – Dreaming’
’Mr. Carmack – Faults (Woolymammoth’s Remix)’
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[Trap/Hybrid] Woolymammoth – Tricks EP

Woolymammoth has always been a producer that we have admired here at Music Ninja. His records never have a dull tone, and he’s continued to push electronic music forward in the best way he knows how. His focus on trap and hybrid styles have been especially important for the genres artistic growth over the past year when he’s been putting out records. Today, we share with you his Buygore EP entitled Tricks that has taken listeners by storm. Tricks gets pretty experimental, taking from industrial sounds and elsewhere, but Wooly keeps the focus heavy on the hip-hop/trap vibe he is known for.

Tricks is comprised of five singles that you’ll have on repeat for several weeks coming, if not longer. It’s becoming less usual for releases to be 100% solid from start to finish, but that’s just what Wollymammoth does with this EP. It’s hard to choose favorites, but after running through this EP time and time again, we’ve narrowed things down to “tricks” and “Best In It.” Have a run through yourself, and comment with which two you have deemed your favorite. You’re going to want to be buying this entire project, and you may do so on iTunes.

’Woolymammoth – butane (intro)’
’Woolymammoth – goom’
’Woolymammoth – tricks’
’Woolymammoth – Juice’
’Woolymammoth – Best In It (tryna Get Yo)’
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