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[R&B] Xavier White – Dancing After Dark

Xavier White
Dancing After Dark

Xavier White makes his return to the dojo with “Dancing After Dark” on Lush Records. This electronic infused R&B gem is just another example of why Xavier is one of the hottest artists in the urban world right now.

No matter what styles Xavier brings to the table with his work, he always nails it. He’s already well-established himself as a dynamic artist, yet he still continues to surprise us. “Dancing After Dark” is a vibey anthem for your late night retreats and drives. Because of its electronic influence it has a very clubby feel, but it still has a cool tone to it instead of pumping the energy up with force. It’s got the groove and movement to get you on your feet.

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[Pop] Xavier White – A Wonder

Xavier White
A Wonder (prod. by Paul Couture)

“A Wonder” sees one of our favorite R&B artists in Xavier White teaming up with Paul Couture yet again for another solid single. This one comes to us through the imprint Lush Records who has backed both of these artist’s work several times before. These three parties are a match made in music heaven.

Usually we get a very edgy, hip-hop meets R&B sound from Xavier. This time around, he brightens things up with a bit of a more pop-centric tone. Wavy and light, “A Wonder” shows a new side to both artists involved, giving us a glimpse of where their sounds can go. We’ve said this many times before and we’ll continue to say it: keep your eyes and ears on Xavier. We can’t stress enough that he’s got what it takes to go to the top.

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[R&B] French Montana – Unforgettable (Xavier White Remix)

French Montana
Unforgettable (Xavier White Remix)

Xavier White couldn’t wait to release a track, even though he’s got a project coming very soon. We’re okay with it and we think you’ll be okay with it too. As a sign of love for his fans, Xavier dished out a free download of his remix of “Unforgettable” by French Montana. No follow to download or anything, just a straightforward download for fans.

Even though you can get this easily, it’s worth a follow or even a purchase price if it had one. If you’re familiar with Xavier, then you’ll be used to his soothing R&B sound, one that he dives even deeper into this time around, shying away from the hip-hop sensibilities that find their way into some of his other works. Xavier has been making major moves lately, so expect to see him take over this Summer and the rest of the year with some quality material like this.

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[R&B] Ronin & Xavier White – Sudden Change

Ronin & Xavier White
Sudden Change

Ronin and Xavier White return for yet another single together. Their track “Sudden Change” was released today through Lush Records, one of New York’s greatest independent labels. Speaking of New York, the two artists who put this one together happen to both be some of New York’s top underground talents.

“Sudden Change” is a sexy tune. We know just how good these two creators are together, but they took things to a whole new place with this one. It’s got that future pop meets R&B sound that not many can pin down like these two have done. With so much music sounding like people are trying too hard for something, it’s nice to hear a genuinely good record that feels that it came about organically. They weren’t trying to be anybody but themselves, which is something we can always count on from each contributor. Stream “Sudden Change” today and grab the free download.

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[R&B/Soul] Xavier White x Ronin – Real Company

Xavier White x Ronin
Real Company

We weren’t sure if we were going to get another records from Xavier White before the end of the year, but we’re glad we did. He’s been killing it this year with some huge releases and here he adds another with “Real Company.” This one just dropped today with the Brooklyn producer Ronin.

Xavier is one of the best underground R&B acts you will come across. His sound has so much potential, don’t be surprised when he’s rivaling the top artists in the entire industry. You only need to look so far as any of his singles, but his newest is one of the strongest pieces of evidence you can find. “Real Company” is a soulful venture into a bit of a lighter sound for Xavier, whose aesthetic is generally of a darker tone. Thing is, Xavier can do anything he puts his mind to. Enjoy this single and get ready for whatever this cat has stored for 2017. Big things coming.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 219)

It’s the weekend before Halloween. This means you’re going to (most likely) be out partying to celebrate the holiday. We want you to be safe, but also have as much fun as you can. Part of the fun is going to consist of good music; that’s where we come in. We went ahead and did some leg work, as we have done every Friday, and collected our favorite free downloads from the week for you to enjoy over your days off. This week we have some incredible records from a ton of our favorite artists including Xavier White, David Heartbreak, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Debroka and more. Although there aren’t specific Halloween themes, there are a few Halloween inspired tracks, including one from KSHMR called “The Spook Returns” that brings the holiday vibe out in house form. Enjoy all twelve records, and make sure to #danceirresponsibly.

’Xavier White X Paul Couture – Fall In Love Again?’
’David Heartbreak x Cy Kosis – Kane And Abel’
’Infuze – Alive feat. Brave’
’Porn And Chicken – Tripwire (Original Mix)’
’Black Tiger Sex Machine – Face Down feat. Panther’
’Nelly Furtado ft. Timbaland – Promiscuous (Kastra Remix)’
’July Talk – Push + Pull (PINEO & LOEB Ft. Ghettosocks Remix)’
’Kryptogram – Misery x Pain (Radio Edit)’
’KSHMR, B3nte & Badjack – The Spook Returns’
’Hairitage – They’re Overthrown’
’Doctor P & Flux Pavilion – P.D.S. feat. Jarren Benton (Debroka Remix)’
’James Meyers – I Am The King (AWAL Remix)’
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[Music Video] Xavier White x Paul Couture – Bad Blood

One of my personal favorite R&B tracks from this year is “Bad Blood.” Xavier White and Paul Couture dropped this one back in July, and now they have a music video to supplement the song.

We thought things couldn’t get any better, but they do. It only fits that one of the dopest songs gets one of the dopest music videos. From the song and video, there’s certainly some influence from Drake in it, which isn’t a bad thing in this case. Xavier keeps cool with his own unique style and sound, that’s much darker than his mainstream counterpart. One of the things that the song had that really was interesting was its slow-motion feel; which is expressed to a tee in the video. All around, this is kick ass. If you haven’t grabbed the free download yet, do it.

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