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[Album Preview] You Won’t- Skeptic Goodbye LP

Skeptic Goodbye is the first recording project from Massachusetts band You Won’t.

The band’s clever songs touch on universal themes like time, movement, and pop culture- making references to Back To The Future, 80’s fashion, and the idea of the “American Dream” to tie their listeners to the songs and give them replay value. More than that, though, the songs are statements about ¬†today’s ideals; set to music through melody, drumline percussion, clapping, and acoustic guitar. “It’s just an illusion babe” sings vocalist Josh Arndouse (who’s voice draws references to both Bob Dylan and The Tallest Man On Earth) on the single “Three Car Garage”. The sentiment sets the mood for the rest of the album, allowing retrospective tracks like “Who Knew” and “Television” to shine in ways they couldn’t achieve on their own.

Musically there isn’t a lot of flashy instrumentation going on. When you do hear synth/guitar leads they’re more to illustrate feeling than show off talent. It’s more likely that the songs exist to compliment the lyrical content rather than dazzle fans- but the ideas are concise and never fall short of real entertainment. Overall the album flows really well, and seems to get better with each listen.

Skeptic Goodbye will be released through Old FLame Records on February 14th 2012.

Stream¬†only: You Won’t- Three Car Garage

’ Three Car Garage.mp3′

Stream only: You Won’t- Who Knew

’ Who Knew.mp3′
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