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[Electronic] Yung Wall Street – Baby

Yung Wall Street

With the volume of dope Soundcloud releases on a daily basis, there’s bound to be a few tracks we love that don’t make it to the pages of TMN. Just like so many great tunes before it, Yung Wall Street‘s “Baby” may have fallen through the cracks if it weren’t my most played song for the last week. The Moving Castle affiliate has been a mainstay in various Dojos but his latest, Fool’s Gold-released single may be our favorite of his to date.

“Baby” features a lush soundscape accompanied by a vocal sample that absolutely explodes at the chorus. The track doesn’t do anything revolutionary from an arrangement standpoint, but it doesn’t need to. Yung Wall Street’s electro-feels are flawless bringing to mind the likes of Vindata‘s “Spirals” or Hudson Mohawke‘s “Shadows.” Peep above–if it’s your first listen, we doubt it’ll be your last.

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