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[Bass] STVG & yvm3 – rot

STVG and yvm3 are taking the heavy-bass and tearout music scenes by storm with their latest collaboration, “rot,” set to release on May 3rd on all major streaming platforms. The track begins with a haunting ambiance that quickly builds tension, setting the stage for an explosive, metal-esque pre-drop. This escalates into a bone-shattering first drop that features the notorious tearout “gun” sound, sure to energize dance floors and open up mosh pits wherever it’s played. The duo then introduces a menacing breakdown that seamlessly transitions into a second drop, this time opting for a half-time drum pattern that adds a fresh, compelling twist to the track.

STVG, a prodigious talent from the UK, is known for his unapologetically heavy music that stems from a lifetime passion for heavy sound. His tracks are a brutal exploration of his personal experiences with emotional turmoil, crafted to resonate deeply with listeners and offer a cathartic experience. Meanwhile, yvm3 remains an enigmatic figure in the dubstep world, winning over bass lovers with their distinct sound that merges influences from metal and hardcore, producing a raw, intense experience. This mysterious project has quickly garnered a loyal following and praise from industry giants.

With this collaboration, STVG and yvm3 are setting a new standard in their genres. Fans can expect more groundbreaking music from these artists, as this release marks just the beginning of their promising futures in the industry.

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