Say Yes

There seems to be something extra cute in the Summer air these days to which all we want to do is stroll around town with our significant others then end the day with a little sensual lovin’. Long-time TMN favorites, TastyTreat, have been notorious for making the kind of music that will make you swoon for days on end. Not only does their music make us want to cuddle the living hell out of the biggest and fluffiest teddy bear around, but it also makes us want to rip our clothes off and do the damn thing if you know what we’re sayin’.

Today we are extremely excited to premiere their newest original track, “Say Yes”. With its future bass/R&B vibe, “Say Yes” seduces your ears, your mind, and your body to the point where you might find yourself in bed with these tasty beats. As soon as you press play, you are introduced with a flawless piano melody that intricately progresses into the ultimate bedroom anthem of the Summer. After listening to this song through and through, we realized that our productivity for the rest of the day is about to be at an all time low, however, we might just make up for that later tonight.

TastyTreat definitely made us feel some type of way with this one and they want you to, as well, so download this baby makin’ tune while it’s hot. It may not be Friday according to Rebecca Black’s standards, but just remember that no one ever said you couldn’t get down on a Tuesday. Do yourself a favor and go grab a tasty treat because we guarantee you’ll want to satisfy that sweet tooth behind closed doors.

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