Get your dancing shoes on, Pantheon is here with some cool grooves. The Australian producer dropped his two track EP, Robots Dance, through Unknown Records just a few short days ago. Since then we have been using it to get us through the day and now you can use it too.

Whether you’re playing it while you work, or while you party, it’s a great project. Tech house has always been a minimalist’s game, with producers utilizing a few key elements to their max capacity, which is just what Pantheon does here with a dark attitude. “Robots” comes first with an atmospheric tone to it, fully encompassing the listener in a setting set by various interweaving soundscapes. “Spaceships” is where things really take off. It’s a funkier, more outgoing song that is the knockout punch for this EP. Grab your copy of it today through the digital service of your choosing.

’Pantheon – Robots’
’Pantheon – Spaceships’
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