As we roll into Fourth of July weekend here stateside, it’s only fitting that we share some tasteful, party-appropriate, speaker jack with our readers. As is our civic duty, we’ve unearthed yet another superb set of tracks for your afterhours club focused listening to land upon. Denver based producers Ross Kiser, formerly of Need & Necessity acclaim, and rising duo/label/fashion collective Black/Tuesday have called upon their collaborative force on  the Ancona EP, which finds a home on the Lee K helmed Circulate Records.

Featuring a pair of tunes, “Ancona” and “Developing Story”, Ancona‘s aural combination of Kiser & Black Tuesday work symbiotically to pull their sounds into newer territory than we’ve seen on past releases. The EP’s title track rides on layered techno and acid house synths while wonderfully fragmented vocal samples and lurching bass swells flit around its edges to bring together a beautifully cohesive production. On its B-side, “Developing Story” finds its anchor in the form of a jackin’ set of shuffled hi-hats, encased around a thumping kick-clap, and a hypnotically simple synth progression. Kiser’s proper, soulful house roots and Black/Tuesday’s tastefully tinny, metallurgic minimalism coalesce effortlessly, and as we’ve heard rumblings of more collaborations between these three, you can expect the Ninja gang to be all over it. For our DJ contingency, you can cop both of these tunes on Beatport, but until then, stream the Ancona EP below.

’Ross Kiser & Black/Tuesday – Ancona’
’Ross Kiser & Black/Tuesday – Developing Story’
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