This time of the year is often a time for reflection on the year of music that was, but Chet Porter is bringing out that nostalgic feeling with something new. In what could easily be a hidden track from Worlds, the Toronto native really channels the latter half of his moniker in ‘Awakening’, a title which together with its whimsical melodies conjures up subtle nods to the Zelda series. It makes for one incredible journey through the blissful sound he weaves so well. Snapping us out of that daze and into more of a party-ready state is the latest remix to be featured on Cosmo’s Midnight’s ‘Walk With Me’ Remix EP. Following up last week’s effort from Maxo, this week it was Sydney’s KOA catching our attention with their more dance driven take on one of 2015’s best indie electronic anthems. There’s no reason we can’t loosen up on a Monday as the holiday season approaches, and this is the perfect tune to keep those weekend vibes flowing.

Up next, a meeting of past and present helps keep that upbeat feeling going strong as a pair of crafty Frenchman bring their slick touch to a hip hop classic. The opening of this De La Soul remix from LeMarquis and Marlin offers much promise of what is to come, but there was certainly no indication of the insane funk that they were to unleash as things progress, all the while keeping the timeless soul of the original intact. In much the same way, German producer Mogul delivers a stunning rendition of groove to a more recent hit in ‘I Found You’ from the highly talented Gibbz. The incredible vocals are given plenty of breathing space early, before an explosion of funk takes over with every intention of carrying you deeper and deeper into a sweaty night of uncontrolled dancing.

We had every intention of keeping things very chill this week, but it’s party season so we’re all about bringing a smile to your face in any way possible. Peace out.

’Chet Porter – Awakening’
’Cosmo’s Midnight – Walk With Me ft. Kučka (KOA Remix)’
’De La Soul – All Good (LeMarquis & Marlin Remix)’
’Gibbz – I Found You (Mogul Remix)’
’Rationale – Fast Lane (MXXWLL Remix)’
’Audiobot – Mars 2040’
’GRIMECRAFT – Stickerbrush Symphony’
’Elgus – Dancing In The Rain (ft. David Resch)’
’Maxiimus – 4uitried’
’TastyTreat – For a Minute (feat. MOONZz)’
’halpe – crystal tower (steelix remix)’
’KAASI – Who You Are’
’Moe Shop – Slow Motion Sunset’
’A R I Z O N A – I Was Wrong (Thero Remix)’
’Shoffy x Sondrio – Downtown’
’Shoffy – We Had It All’
’Shoffy – Wild’
’Tennyson – Fault Line’
’Tennyson – Too Long’
’Fhin – Your Heart Sounds Like’
’Kozoro – Curious (feat. Noctilucent)’
’tekvision – Lament’
’oshi – life’
’3 roses – afternoon at the park’
’$heWon’t – E a r t h R a d i o’
’StéLouse – 4 U’
’Medasin – leaving earth’
’airwav – don’t’
’Gravez – Stay Tough (feat. JMSN & ELHAE)’
’Sivey – Waterbed (Slow Mo)’
’R.O.M – excuse me. (i think you’re so beautiful)’
’Seinabo Sey – Poetic (Norde Remix)’
’olivia – Need’
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