Well another year rolls around, and we can only imagine what’s in store for us in 2016. There’s no predicting what sounds will be created over the next 12 months, but if there’s one thing we can hang our hat on, it’s that there will be a stack of new artists to unearth and musical innovation to explore.

That statement rings true for our first Dojo feature of the year from ANTI-HERO and Atura. Their collaboration ‘Distant’ is the perfect example of the creative variation we’re hoping to hear as the electronic world continues to develop and push the boundaries ever further. No genre labeling could ever pinpoint the whirlwind of imagination that this song incorporates, as future synths combine with soulful melodies to facilitate a soundtrack to your moments of deep thought. Following a very similar trend, our next track again celebrates the beauty that comes from different minds coming together on the one production. Those artists in question are Kids Want Techno, Michael Mason and Luzana Flores, all bringing their particular talents to remix the acoustic ambience of ‘Arrow’ into a dreamlike experience with all the color and wonder that a classy electronic touch can provide.

That standard of professional editing is exactly what you need when messing around with a classic like Daft Punk’s ‘Something About Us’, and thankfully that’s just what T25 brings to his effort here. The vocal treatment here is top notch, taking every effort to preserve the sanctity of the original while adding an incredibly chill vibe behind the future-inspired sound. From a fresh take on a classic to a new spin on a tune that dominated 2015, house fiend LCAW closed off the year in style, revealing his official remix for ‘Like an Animal’ that is bound to tear up dance floors in the coming months and beyond. The deep groove laid down here is the perfect accompaniment to those iconic lyrics which played themselves over and over in our minds and through our speakers. This mix ensures that won’t end anytime soon.

However you’re starting off 2016, make sure you do it surrounded by good music. Peace out.

’ANTI HERO & Atura – Distant’
’Stonefox – Arrow (KWT/Michael Mason/Olan Remix)’
’Daft Punk – Something About Us (T25 Remix)’
’Rüfüs – Like An Animal (LCAW Remix)’
’Coyote Kisses – Sunny Day (Pheeno Remix)’
’Mura Masa – Your Bones (Astre Remix)’
’Mura Masa – Your Bones (Khamsin Remix)’
’Veens – Girl’
’Janet Jackson feat. Missy Elliot – BURNITUP! (LAKIM Remix)’
’R. Saadiq – Be Here (Ruck P Remix)’
’Sango – Só Você (Ft. Elhae & ESTA.)’
’swell – im sorry (feat. shiloh)’
’sam gellaitry – zircon caves’
’Jupe – Yikes’
’oshi – the journey’
’Shleepytime – Speed Dial’
’813 – Snow On My Roof’
’craves – Scrolling’
’Toonage – Seventh Week’
’Toonage – Crowded Silence’
’Tonton – Fleeting Moment’
’halpe – Forest’
’Flamingosis – Snacks On Snacks’
’MadBliss – searchin 4 reason’
’Lucas – Fingers’
’Celadon City – A Morning Expedition’
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