A pair of beautiful vocal covers welcomes Dojo #169, as one of our favorites in Mark Johns casts her creative flair into that iconic song from Amy Winehouse. She’s dug into the archives for the beat as well, selecting this gorgeous soundscape from Tennyson’s long list of blissful works to operate as the perfect backing to her dreamy lyrical style. It’s a fitting tribute to a musical figure who had a powerful influence on so many. Nobody could doubt the fame that Drake now commands, but for those that miss his classic material, the ever-imaginative duo PRXZM have brought something fresh to ‘I’m on 1’. There’s no need to assume the gangster stance for this one, because this glorious cocktail of melodic future sounds and soothing female vocals are all about carefree celebration. So feel free to belt out this chorus no matter what street cred you carry.

Still on that vocal addiction this week, LissA is a name that’s been across a stack of amazing chill music lately, and she follows up her string of stunning releases with ‘Zimt’. Mazde brings his German influence in both title and production, weaving a silky atmosphere that seems only appropriate for song named after cinnamon. The sensual flavor is hard to resist, as each new verse sprinkles more and more vibes with delicate ease. But this edition’s greatest surprise is still yet to come, as we uncover a brilliant musical mind from Malaysia who has crafted an unbelievable union of old and new. Darren Ashley’s ‘Good Morning’ is as it would suggest, the best possible way to start your day. Though the future bass style has well and truly established itself in the current scene, it’s nowhere near the point of creative exhaustion, as the breathtaking addition of Eastern inspiration carves out a whole new territory that is yet to be explored. It’s tracks like this that are the reason of our journey to find new music each and every day.

The search is much easier for you though. Just hit play and enjoy! Peace out.

’Amy Winehouse – Rehab (Mark Johns Cover Prod. Tennyson)’
’PRXSM – i’m on 1’
’LissA – Zimt (Prod. By Mazde)’
’Darren Ashley – Good Morning’
’Giraffage – Make You Love Me’
’Daughter – Youth (ft. Sarah Kingsmill)(nimino Remix)’
’Cosmo’s Midnight – Trapped (feat. Wave Racer)’
’Yung Wall Street – Baby’
’Darren Ashley – Empire’
’Ember Island – Need You (Gill Chang Remix)’
’Penthouse & Maribelle – About You’
’snakehips ft. tinashe – all my friends (sevnth remix)’
’ahh ooh – Nequa’
’GARREN – Give You Everything’
’WIZE – grape fanta’
’ODESZA – It’s Only (feat. Zyra) (20syl remix)’
’MORE // NIGHT – Call My Name’
’MORE // NIGHT – Japaneasy’
’Mo Vibez X Creepa – DR777’
’Tiber – On My Mind’
’Yeek – The Drums (Lege Kale Remix)’
’Ty $ – Credit (GARREN Remix)’
’Soulchef – The Séance (Moods Remix)’
’vincentleone – Later Tonight w/ falcxne’
’falcxne – Back Door’
’Fred Falke – It’s A Memory ft. Elohim, Mansions On The Moon (Oliver Remix)’
’filous – Feel Good Inc. ft. LissA’
’Flume – Smoke & Retribution (Kun’s House Edit)’
’Parkinson White – For You’
’Nude – Hide & Seek (Ft. JJ)’
’montell2099 – possible’
’Hoodlem – Firing Line (Ark Patrol Remix)’
’Xander Lewis – Rose Petals’
’Teriac – Leaving’
’chet porter – tbh ily (celadon city remix)’
’Omniment – Saria’s Song’
’Electric Mantis – Daybreak’
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