178 editions down and we’re still finding tracks that manage to amaze us with their genre-breaking qualities. This time it’s Sydney’s Obseen providing the excitement, bringing a unique blend to ‘Already Gone’ that elevates it to the next level. While needing no help in the wow department, the epic chord shredding he brings to this production is the extra touch this stellar collaboration deserved. Another musical combination that always gets us going is the bright melodic stylings of Hyper Potions. Their latest release ‘Unbreakable’ is another sweet addition to their arsenal, with the vocals of Danyka Nadeau radiating the overwhelming positivity this song embodies.

It’s the same vibe that the Soda Island collective has championed from the very beginning, so it’s fitting that we have another song from their talented lineup of artists to celebrate. Ramzoid is our featured inhabitant on this occasion, dishing up a fresh dose of incredible creativity through the lush beats of ‘Nature Nature’. A tune so good they had to name it twice, our minds are continually blown by the incredibly imaginative work that is flowing from the island since its very beginning. Speaking of inceptions, we welcome another newcomer to the Dojo this week going by the name of Eli Way. Though only fresh on the scene, his debut EP Girls boasts a polish that would suggest an experience in music that dates much further than that. You’ll find a few of the EP’s works scattered throughout this week’s playlist, but we just had to call attention to the infectious jam that is the title track. Its retro lead will be stuck in your head all day.

For the rest of the week though, there’s no shortage of tunes to hold your attention. Peace out.

’Alison Wonderland x Lido x Brave – Already Gone (Obseen Remake)’
’Hyper Potions – Unbreakable (feat. Danyka Nadeau)’
’Ramzoid – Nature Nature’
’Eli Way – Girls’
’Brunelle – Chemistry’
’Enzo Vangetti – Soul Food w/ Maestro’
’Araatan Ft. Amra – Zereglee’
’XMPLA – Make You Feel It ft. JLB’
’Dehku – Misa’
’Aksel Alloway & Plasti – Don’t Let Them Stop You’
’Andrew Luce & graves – Up To You (feat. Chelsea Cutler)’
’kuiters – P L A Y’
’Naisu – Promise’
’Cobalt Rabbit – With You’
’Xavier Dunn – Scattered (Feki Remix)’
’Eli Way – You’
’Eli Way – Us’
’Golden Vessel – Never Know (ft. LASTLINGS)’
’Icarus X Joe Hertz – Only You’
’FABRIKATE – Want You To Know’
’Pat Lok – You Street’
’Laxo – Touch (feat. Pearce)’
’No Tv No Radio – Space’
’LYAR feat. Laura Luppino – Trigger (RAMI Remix)’
’Prince – I Would Die For You (Montis Remix) ft. Aaron Krause & Liza Anne’
’TACACHO – Summer Of Love (ft. Cider Sky)’
’Jamie Prado – Celio’
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