Summer is still a little while to go, but Oliver Nelson has us thinking we’re already there with a stellar remix of ‘Sober’ packed with all the classy disco action we’ve come to expect from the Swedish maestro. We bang on a lot about songs that make us want to dance, but this one is purely irresistible in that department. Every instinct in your body is telling you to move to this one, so let your feelings run wild and let Childish Gambino be the voice to your rhythm. Don’t use all your energy here though, because we’re leading straight into another groove of a different kind. NRMN has become a master of blending bright nostalgic chords with infectious basslines, and his unique skills are on display once again with ‘Pls Forgive Me’. As always, his tunes never sit still, living in a state of constant switch-up like a roller coaster of musical bliss.

Creations that make us feel will always stand the test of time, and it’s for that reason that we’ll never grow tired of new interpretations of ‘Sad Machine’. It’s a canvas that lends itself to be twisted in all kinds of ways, and on this occasion it’s Snail’s House waving his quirky magic over the iconic lyrics. Though the original melodic structure is kept very much intact, it’s the glorious touch of lively sounds and sampling that imbues this one with such a palpable feeling of joy. For many people growing up, the words ‘Kokiri Forest’ would invigorate memories of a place that celebrated similar sentiments of childhood wonder. The colorful imagination of Madnap and Metsä intends to briefly take us back to this simpler time, courtesy of a sound design that oozes eastern influence. It’s hard not to envision yourself amidst lush leafy surrounds while bumping to this one, and it’s a place we’ll likely return to many times throughout this week.

There’s plenty more to enjoy before having to bring yourself back to the real world though, so feel free to lose yourself for a good while. Peace out.

’Childish Gambino – Sober (Oliver Nelson Remix)’
’NRMN – Pls Forgive Me’
’Porter Robinson – Sad Machine (Snail’s House Remix)’
’Madnap & Metsä – Kokiri Forest’
’Tim Legend – summer love’
’Mr. Carmack – champion!’
’YUNG BAE & Swindail – Here With Me’
’Flamingosis – An 8 Ball Affair’
’Lóbo – Wednesday’
’Lindsay Lowend – Comfort Loop’
’Cody G. – Sunday Strut’
’Zanski – Into You’
’Jai Wolf – Drive (feat. Chain Gang of 1974)’
’Covex – Wicked Game (Chris Isaak Cover)’
’kuiters – loophole’
’Vaults – Cry Nomore (Audiobot Flip)’
’Ark Patrol – Soirée’
’Noclip – Cloud Kingdom’
’akihabara! – Missed Calls’
’ill esha – Crash Landing’
’Michl – When You Loved Me Least (Ghost Loft Remix)’
’K.Flay – FML (SMLE Remix)’
’Laetho – Challenges’
’whysp – virgo’
’Ciele & Mapps – Parking Lots (AK Remix)’
’Kagwe – patience.’
’33k – peaches’
’CHIEFS – Here We Go Again (feat. MAIA)’
’vbnd – blue hands’
’xander – kanwe’
’Shook – Tidal’
’Paces – 1993 (No Chill) Feat. Jess Ken (JackLNDN Remix)’
’Azura – Lost Woods’
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