The Compensators
Love Drags

God damnit, I love it when I can bring you a debut track. There are few things that get me more excited to bust out my laptop and start writing. Today’s offering is perfect for Friday’s soundtrack too, coming at you fresh and direct via Brooklyn-based The Compensators.

Comprised of Curtis Strange (lead vocals/guitar), Chaz Mitchells (drums/backup vocals), Stevie Blunder (bass), and Kip Wicked (guitar), this eccentric four-piece met at a full-moon party on the roof of Loft 45 Bushwick, and immediately bonded over fast cars and their favorite guitars. While I can’t personally confirm that ice cold beers were had, I feel pretty confident peppering that into this origin story.

“Love Drags” is their first release, and simply put, it’s an anthem for the unruly and obstreperous, inciting all who listen to go out and imbibe. Whether your form of indulgence is just some emphatic finger drumming on your car’s steering wheel, or going out for a night of drunken shenanigans, it’s your jam. Don’t take it from me, though. Check out this epic quote that surfaced up:

Like witnessing spectacular gear shifting as your hands grab that “oh shit” bar hanging above the passenger window, The Compensators throw you right into the stampede, driving down the highway in dirty underwear, with a case of Lion’s Head pilsner sitting next to you, looking for the next show”

If you’re into twangy lead riffs, psychedelic vibes, and sing-along lyrics, you can stop right here. Press play and get on with your epic weekend, complete with an epic new artist and track.

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