Harlem Shake’

Just 8 months ago the wonderful and catchy single by Brooklyn producer Baauer (signed to Diplo’s label Mad Decent) was released into the world, becoming one of the most memorable tracks in the trap scene. Trap of course is ‘a sound that began steeped in the 4/4 dance tradition, slowly took on hip hop tendencies until the two became one.’ With the popularization of the genre and the emergence of these catchy trending viral videos, you will be hearing a lot more of it.

It started as a simple introductory piece to youtube user DizastaMusic’s sixth installment of the video series ‘FILTHY COMPILATION’, causally dancing to the song until it reaches the drop and then twerkin’ and shaking uncontrollably thereafter. Soon, the guys from TheSunnyCoastSkate (video above) parodied the dance in a much exaggerated manner and from that point on, a viral trend was born.

Here we have all the videos we have come accross to date. Please comment below for new additions. I am sure in a couple of days we will get tired, but for right now WE CANT GET ENOUGH OF IT.

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