It’s a tribute week to SXSW this week, I guess. I went, I saw, and the festival completely kicked my ass. But along the way, I got to see some incredible bands. At the Dickies party, they had an insane lineup for the week. I only got to attend one day of it, but it was WELL worth my time. One of my faves that I finally got to see there? The Naked and Famous. Totally crushed hard on this band the whole time I stood out in the heat with the rest of the 3,000 people that were there. No fear, I had Lone Star beer. And now I’m rhyming. Awesome. But seriously, The Naked and Famous came on with such an amazing energy that took over the crowd in one quick sweep. Suddenly I forgot how hot I was and that my bra was completely soaked in sweat. I completely forgot I couldn’t find my ankles that had become “cankles” at this point. I completely forgot I was surrounded by a ton of stinky people. They were that awesome live. Yes sir!

“Punching in a Dream” is probably one of the most commonly played songs by these guys.. “Girls Like You” is a personal favorite of mine. The entire album, Passive Me Aggressive You is really just full of WIN. Here are these two to go on though.. just enough to get you hooked.

The Naked and Famous: Punching in a Dream

02 Punching In a Dream

The Naked and Famous: Girls Like You

13 Girls Like You
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