The Old Adage

This April, Detroit’s The Old Adage will be releasing their LP. Today, we’re lucky enough to share with you one of the singles from the album early as a Music Ninja Premiere. “Brother” is what we have to share, their humble record tinged with nostalgic emotions. The duo really knocked this one out of the park, which is why we had to jump on this one and give you listeners an exclusive full preview.

“Brother” is a soft synth pop record whose sound is feels more organic than electronic. The instrumental is phenomenal, but for us the main highlight of the track is the superb vocal performance from Mimi, with Nino providing background vocals that create the perfect tone; not only with regard to the sonic quality, but also with the lyrical content. If you haven’t reminisced about the past in a while, you’re sure to with someone close to you soon after taking a listen to “Brother.” Give it a stream, and get ready for the duo’s album release coming this April.

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