The Rapture

The Rapture is band that probably shouldn’t require an introduction. Their breakthrough sophomore album, Echoes (released on DFA), made it to a number of year-end lists—even being named album of the year by Pitchfork—thanks to the trio’s ability to make some of finest music around. And after a brief-stint with Vertigo, the trio is back with DFA on their latest album, In the Grace of Your Love.

Chosen as their new album’s leading single, it should come as no surprise that “How Deep is Your Love?” is absolutely fantastic. Starting with a few simple piano chords, the song quickly elevates into a banging number that leads into a refrain by vocalist Luke Jenner singing the song’s title all the way through to its conclusion. It’s a gorgeous number, and certainly up to par (if not better) than their previous works.

In the Grace of Your Love, is the group’s fourth album is being released on September 5th through DFA Records.

The Rapture – How Deep Is Your Love?

’How Deep Is Your Love?’
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