The Solarists
Wait For It

As summer comes rolling in, I always seem to find myself hunting down a solid collection of indie rock tunes to soundtrack all the adventures that are sure to come. Luckily for me, and all of you, I was offered the opportunity to bring you a first listen of “Wait For It,” the latest offering from Provo-based four-piece The Solarists.

A perfectly intertwined duo of dreamy, wandering verses and a rowdy-as-hell chorus, this tune catches your attention early and grips it throughout the whole ride. The lyrics are approachable and quite memorable, giving you the opportunity to sing along after only a few spins. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you end up belting this out on your drive home from work today.

“The intro to ‘Wait for It’ had been twinkling in my ear for weeks before we finally took it into the studio. The song evolved into something way bigger than we were ever expecting and we are stoked to finally release it.” – Clint

The Solarists are comprised of childhood friends Clint Purser (bass/sax/lead vocals), Nate Wall (lead guitar/vocals) and Justin Dunkley (drums), with Kaua Sprout (rhythm guitar/vocals) added into the mix a few months after inception. I strongly suggest keeping an eye on them over the next year. With a sound as infectious as theirs, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when these guys really starting picking up steam.

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