The full length self-titled sophomore album from the Temper Trap has been unleashed to the world… well not exactly, fans from Australia, New Zealand, Germany & Ireland can get it today. The rest of us in the the States will have to wait until June 5th. Having gone through the entire album once already, we may not have enough to give a full review but one thing is for sure, The Temper Trap is a much somber album than Conditions. There are certainly uplifting rocky appearances like “London’s Burning” and ‘Trembling Hands’ but with the huge weight of the expectation of another “Sweet Disposition” on their shoulders, the album can appear to come across heavier than it is.

Stand out tracks include ‘The Sea is Calling’, the jazzy and piano driven ‘Leaving The Heartbreak Hotel’ and our favorite, the massive and beautifully arranged ‘Rabbit Hole’.

’The Temper Trap – Rabbit Hole’
’The Temper Trap – Im Gonna Wait’
’The Temper Trap – The Sea Is Calling’
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