The Tropixx Ft. Danny Shah

The Tropixx is a brand new project that is being launched by way of a single called “Immortal.” We have the luxury of bringing you their first track, featuring Danny Shah, as a Music Ninja Premiere. Every so often we get blown away by a tropical tune, which is just the case with this original.

“Immortal” takes the island sound and brings a bit more poppy style to it. Danny Shah’s vocal performance soars atop a lively instrumental whose melodies are to die for. If you don’t get this record stuck in your head, then you may want to get that checked. In all seriousness, “Immortal” shows the potential of the tropical house sound that is largely taken over by a select few, while others try to grasp desperately. The Tropixx killed it, so expect them to dish out some more memorable records as the year passes on. “Immortal” is just the beginning of a fruitful career.

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