We couldn’t picture a better way to spend part of our Saturday than drinking in this four-track EP from Deltasonic’s newest signing, Liverpool-based The Vryll Society. The collection boasts a myriad of influences, ranging from psychedelic, to funk, to folk, to classic rock. Each song has a defined persona, yet work in perfect ensconcing harmony when listened to top-to-bottom.

Kicking things off is our personal favorite, “Coshh,” which delightfully welcomes listeners in with a calculated layering of elements that slowly build off one another. We’ve always been a huge fan of gorgeous, anticipatory, post-rock builds, and “Coshh” succeeds in delivering a quite otherworldly one. This will more than likely be your first introduction to frontman Mike Ellis’ vocals, which are an ethereal experience alone. When coupled with upbeat percussion, and interchanging howling and clean guitar riffs, you can’t help but leave the song feeling ultimately satisfied.

One of our other favorites comes in the slow and mesmerising “Metropolis,” which pulls its name from the 1920’s silent classic film. The verses carry a medieval Gregorian cadence and delivery, beckoning on memorable elements from centuries ago. The choruses then bring the song back into current day, exploding with soaring vocal harmonies, glowing guitar work, and a surging vocal range.

Joining up with acts like The Coral, The Zutons, and the Dead 60’s, The Vryll Society looks to make a splash with visionary Deltasonic label, founded by the late Alan Wills.

Deltasonic continues with the same philosophy as Alan started with, making and releasing music that we all love with new young artists. The Vryll Society are a band who want to push boundaries and share their wonderful music with as many people as possible and are astounding their live audiences wherever they go. – Ann Heston, Label Manager

With an already developed live performance being loved and adored by those lucky enough to catch one, we’d highly suggest heading out and experiencing this debut EP live.

’The Egg’
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